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Goal 1:

KidsFirst NORTH provides families a range of supports that promote and enhance positive parent child interaction

  • To deliver the Growing Great Kids and other curricula
  • To provide referrals, information, tools, and activities that enhance parent-child interactions

Goal 2:

KidsFirst NORTH provides families a range of supports that promote and enhance child development and well-being.

  • To deliver Growing Great Kids and other curricula
  • To support families in accessing children’s and families’ services
  • To support early identification of developmental delays through developmental screening, referrals to appropriate services, and create links to community services
  • To promote child health and wellbeing by facilitating access to children’s services, dental care, well baby clinics, and immunization

Goal 3:

KidsFirst NORTH supports prenatal women to have healthy pregnancies and healthy birth outcomes.

  • To provide women with information on all aspects of prenatal health
  • To support positive maternal mental health through early identification and intervention
  • To support women to identify and deal with mental health, addictions and domestic violence issues

Goal 4:

KidsFirst NORTH supports families to provide environments to promote child development and family wellbeing.

  • To support  families in enhancing  social support, housing suitability and stability, and food security
  • To support families to prevent, identify and address mental health and addictions concerns, and promote positive mental health
  • To support families to enhance skill development and employment
  • To enhance community capacity building
  • To encourage and establish partnerships at all levels towards achieving the goals of the program

Goal 5:

KidsFirst NORTH provides accountability for quality programming.

  • KidsFirst is governed and administered in accordance with principles of effective and efficient management, and of ethical practice
  • KidsFirst strives to identify and implement promising practices for quality assurance and continuous program development
  • Programs meet provincial quality standards in the following areas:  identification, documentation, staff training, curriculum, curriculum delivery, safety, assessment, acceptance, engagement, confidentiality, timeliness, and family retention.